Shady Ladies

Latest work, Shadows Series (aka Shady Ladies)

The latest and current series I’ve been working on is my shadows series, affectionately nicknamed “shady ladies.”  There’s a new gallery page up, under the artwork drop down menu, where they can all be viewed.  As I add more to this series, I will continue to update.  I’m also fortunate to have sold some works from this series; the sold paintings will be denoted in the comments of each image.

This series was a fun challenge, to examine how the shadows from the hand distort across the face.  It was also an exercise in simplicity, how much detail do you give the viewer to understand the image, but without compromising simplicity.  Working on wood helps me to whittle (pun intended) the image down just to its most important parts; I know I want to leave some of the background exposed, so that enables me to make some key decisions ahead of time.  The most challenging part is trusting my hand and line work.  If I mess something up, there’s no painting it back to wood.  As fas as the concept behind the series, there are examinations of exposed parts and hidden parts, and also something about being overshadowed or kept in the shadows.

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