busy busy!

Ahoy! It’s been a busy few weeks! I’ve moved from my 550 sq ft condo, which I lived in for 6 years, into a 950 sq ft condo!  I’m not sure I know what to do with all this extra space.  Both units are within the same complex, so I convinced myself I didn’t need to pack anything…worst idea ever!  Four thousand trips back and forth, and the moving was completed.  Let this story serve as a cautionary tale if you find yourself in the same predicament; box everything as if you were moving cross-country.  Don’t be fooled!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy trying to create the coziness of my last place in the new place. First project: Paint something on the wall!

picture-uh=a694a2bc8523e2548eb79424c36a69b-ps=3fe2516a97dfdbc48cc6f3d90281dAbove is the before (gotta love those wide-angle real estate shots!)  The wall in question is the one furthest back.  Behind the lovely builder special 2 pack boob light.

triangle muraland here is the after!  Fun with math and painters’ tape!

I made a legend ahead of time to make sure that I didn’t have two of the same colors next to each other.  And now my dining “room” has a lil more interest :)  It will be even better when I hang a new light!

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