365 for 365…day one.

For 2013, I’ve resolved to do a drawing a day!  Inspired by my friend and kick-ass artist, Graham Franciose, who took on this challenge in 2012.  You should check out his artwork.

Day one.

My recently departed kitty pal, Harley, seemed like a great start.  He was my buddy for the past sixteen years and loved attention, raw eggs, and biting (out of love of course!)  He was a master of mind control and would go forehead to forehead with you to control your thoughts.  He had to get his eye removed in 2007, and I must say he was the handsomest one-eyed kitty in the world.  I added the eye patch after many suggestions that he should sport one.  I can’t even explain how much he’ll be missed, but I’m so grateful I had him as long as I did.

harley the hypnotist

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