Confines of crawling walls…

About once a month, I get some irresistible urge to buy new music on itunes.  It may or may not also involve a few cocktails.  This latest download included some random Arctic Monkeys B-sides.  I intentionally like to get their B-sides a little at a time so that I can give each a proper listen…and also so that I’ll always be able to get new music from them.  “The afternoon’s hat” comes from the EP, My Propellor.  Boom! Inspired!

This little lady acrobat is sporting some pretty cute kicks, yet stuck in an electric outlet.  You might have missed her if the outlet wasn’t pulled out from its housing.  However, she doesn’t mind the tight quarters…she’s just chilling and making the best of it.  Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

“When I’m in the confines of crawling walls, you hold me in place.”

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