bitch, be handy!


(i'll know the way back, if you know the way}

Well, i’ve been trying to be handy.  Between coats of paint on my bedroom floor this week, i’ve been working on {i’ll know the way back, if you know the way}.  And she is complete!  Not the floors, the artwork…there’s a very complicated phasing plan i’ve made for myself, as i don’t have the space to clear a whole room, in my modest 545 sq ft.

But i digress.  We’ve got a few things going on with this little lady.  Hanging from the neck of the albatross, she’s maybe not a burden…looking confidently in the direction of their travels.  Maybe.  I really like the albatross metaphor.  If you haven’t heard of it, read on here with the truthfulness of wikipedia.  Gawrsh…we have so many things, baggage, that we carry with us and most of the time it’s for naught.  Or is it?  Do we carry it for good reason and does it dissipate in due time?  I don’t have answers; just pesky feelings that inspire me to create.

i’ll know the way back, if you know the way.

ps-Alex Turner’s solo EP, Submarine, was in heavy rotation while i was creating this piece.  Thus the nod to Hiding Tonight in the title.  Amazeballs!




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