quid pro quo…


Meet Cody Moore.  He is an amazing/badass/impressive artist and tattoo artist.  And I’m one of those cynical asshole east-coasters that doesn’t impress all that easily ;)

Recently I was fortunate/flattered /elated by a trade offer…and now he’s the owner of {the droning engines throb in time with your beating heart}!  I am the proud recipient of a Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl” tattoo!  I have one more sitting and then I shall post photos.  I really can’t express how fully enamored I am with his work.  There’s a ton of trust involved when someone creates some permanent art on your person and Cody excels at what he does.  I HIGHLY recommend him for all your tattooing needs!

Check out Cody’s rad online portfolio and get his contact info by clicking the photo to above!        Or visit: http://www.reztattoo.com/cody-moore/

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