Like songs on an album, I prefer to work in a series. It gives me the parameters to fully explore a concept or an idea. This year, I’m working on two series:

Sea Legs looks at combining the female form with a variety of sea-worthy vessels.

Shadows, nicknamed, Shady Ladies, looks at the interaction between cast shadows from hands onto faces. Both are about contrast, whether it be in imagery or in the values of light and dark. New for 2022, are the Shady Ladies: Convex Edition.

Click on each below to learn more and browse each series.

2022- Present Shady Ladies: Convex
2021 – 2022
Shady Ladies: Extra Shady Edition
2018 – Present
Shadows aka Shady Ladies
The Wire Mini-Series
Dream Series
Buena Suerte Mini-Series
Perspectives: An Introspective Retrospective Series
2018 – present
Sea Legs Series
Law & Order Series
3×9 Series