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I do!

I have to admit I’m a terrible graphic designer.  I’m slow and I don’t know illustrator, so I have to do everything by hand and then in Photoshop.  With that being said, I’m also stubborn and know what I want,… Continue Reading →

For the love of the lane!

My beloved brewskee-ball league, asked me to do some paintings/murals in the new home of the league!  I was honored! The bar is called Full Circle Bar, named after a full circle in skee-ball, which is all 40s in one roll.  Some… Continue Reading →

busy busy!

Ahoy! It’s been a busy few weeks! I’ve moved from my 550 sq ft condo, which I lived in for 6 years, into a 950 sq ft condo!  I’m not sure I know what to do with all this extra… Continue Reading →


my bedroom floors…my albatross. At least, I’m making some solid headway on the stencil.  The bummer about the stencil is that there are only two of those florettes per stencil.  So it gets a little tedious with drying time and… Continue Reading →

Minor distraction…

So…I felt a sudden urge to paint a couple of paper planes in my living room. Thankfully, no adults were around to stop me! I am so super stoked with the results and feel like they should have lived in… Continue Reading →

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