day 189…keep your eyes peeled!

Probably 75% of my artwork is inspired by music.  Music keeps me focused, especially when I’m working on a sustained project, like this twenty thirteen series.  Lucky for me, one of my favorite bands, Queens of the Stone Age, released a new album this year.  I’ve listened to their new album, “…Like Clockwork,” scores of times, front to back, and this album is amazing!   Today’s drawing is inspired by the first track of the album called “keep your eyes peeled.”


day 176…the power of the rally cap!

One of the perils of being a fan of the New York Mets, is that you become all too familiar with the rally cap and its accompanying superstition.  The concept is that if your team is losing, usually late in the game, you wear your cap inside out so that they can rally (shift the game’s momentum, causing them to rally, score a bunch of runs, and therefore, win the game). It’s a pretty inspiring message, as it encourages you and says “I got your back!” despite what you’re up against.  Pretty poignant even just for everyday life! :)


day 172…the real housewives of austin brewskeeball!

Today’s drawing is for my brewskee-ball team photo.  We’ve had a ton of silly costumes over the skeesons, but for this year we chose to have an illustration for our trading cards.  All team members are fans of bad TV, however, us ladies are partial to the real housewives…namely, New York, Beverly Hills and the OC.  Proudly, we came in first place for our division and earned ourselves the coveted pint glass!


day 168…it’s a bird, it’s a’s Super Cooper!

Today is the birthday of my friend and skee-e-o (yup, that’s CEO brewskee ball pun), Cooper! Recently, we had the BBNC (Brewskee Ball National Championship) in Austin, and Cooper was busy making it happen.  He requested this drawing for his birthday because he felt like he was moving lanes around the whole weekend.  We decided to make it as ridiculous as possible and have him lifting the whole lane by the light side.  Here you go:



day 147…minor riot!

Today’s drawing is about the biggest controversy in brewskee-ball history.  The BBNC,  brewskee-ball national championship – aka – the BEEB, was held in Austin this year.  Brewbacca, Austin’s top roller, lost in the final four of the rollers tournament because of a scoring error.  His girlfriend, Rachel, (and my teammate, i might add) was so infuriated that she went on stage and smashed her beer on the ground.  The irony is that this incident was covered in the Austin Chronicle, in which they described Rachel’s behavior as a “minor riot.”  Ironic because Brewbacca got robbed but a beer smashing is a minor riot.  Yes. I’m still upset about it.


day 143…rock/paper/scissors

Today’s drawing was inspired by something that came up in conversation.  My brewskee-ball buddies and I were talking about variations on rock/paper/scissors.  I was reminded by something by friend Tuan had taught me.  Cockroach/Atomic Bomb/Stomp!   Cockroach beats Atomic Bomb, Atomic Bomb beats Stomp, and Stomp is about the only thing that will beat a Cockroach!  Give it a whirl!


day 142…drawing hand.

There’s a certain degree of insanity that this drawing a day-ish project has pushed me to. Totally in a good way.  My thought process feels fluid, and my execution is pretty close to what my brain initially envisioned.  But! somewhere in the middle of it, I decide that this must mean I’m losing it.  That’s what inspired today’s drawing…the crazy that spills out of my pencil!IMG_20130529_193953

day 137…”I ain’t here to break it, just see how far it will bend”

Happy birthday to Josh Homme, who is celebrating a birthday today!  Inspiration is a pretty awesome motivator, and Mr. Homme is able to inspire me with some clutch lyrics! From Queens of the Stone Age, to Desert Sessions, to Them Crooked Vultures, to Eagles of Death Metal, I’m always able to draw some sort of connection and then literally draw something.  Thanks for the inspiration, birthday boy!

{josh homme} day 137

day 131…dick (richard, that is) head

Today’s drawing is inspired by one of my neighbors, who has earned the nickname of “angry shirtless neighbor.”  We were introducing two other neighbors dogs and there was a period of barking that lasted a maximum of 30 seconds.  It was a friday night at about 8:30 pm.  Anyway, no one cares how cut angry shirtless neighbor is…when he acts like a dickhead!


day 114…the chicken man!

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as baseball, it’s all the superstitions that surround the game.  In fact, I may or may not have torn four ligaments in my ankle, while pitching in a rec softball game, imitating the Mets relief pitcher, Turk Wendell, hopping a foul line.  But! Today’s drawing is about the Boston Red Sox former third baseman, Wade Boggs.  Besides his epic mustache, he had numerous superstitions, including eating chicken before every game.  This earned him the nickname, The chicken man.


day 112…new jersey’s own…

Today is Jack Nicholson’s birthday…and he is also the subject of today’s drawing!  I really enjoy taking requests for these one-a-day-ish drawings and this one came from my buddy, Zack.  He and I went to high school together in New Jersey, and little did I know when I moved to Austin, he was already here!  Bonus!  Jack Nicholson also hails from the garden state; it’s a trifecta!


day 108…eek! migraines!

Have you ever had a migraine?  They are quite awful, often lasting days.  I totally jinxed myself when a co-worker when home with a migraine.  Like a dummy, I said out loud, “been a while since I’ve had a migraine.”  Clearly, the universe was listening as I had one come on later that night…and it lasted for 2 more days.  BUT!  The universe also did me a solid, by having something good come out of something so shitty.  So today’s drawing is my interpretation of a migraine.